How Meditation Effects Mental Health


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, this was a difficult world, one filled with tension, stress and a lack of self-care. Now, however, things have only declined. These are very stressful days, and all of us are now trying new ways to relax, unwind and adjust to the new world we live in. However, if there is…

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The Grieving of COVID-19


Here in Nashville we have been in quarantine for almost a month. As a Therapist, it has been an interesting experience watching things play out via social media, news, Zoom calls with friends, and being quarantined with my pregnant spouse.  The one thing that has stood out the most? People are grieving, and they don’t…

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Overview of Sports Psychology - The Becoming Counseling

In 1972 Muhammed Ali walked across the University of Florida football field, now aptly named “The Swamp”. He proceeded to the event stage built for his talk to several thousand college students yelling, “Ali! Ali! Ali!” He approached the microphone and paused into silence before speaking. “What I am going to tell you is one…

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Love Addiction in The Age of The Corona Virus

Help the Helper - The Becoming Counseling

“An intelligent person can rationalize anything; a wise person doesn’t try” -Jen Knox   The focus of this particular post will be on love addiction in the age of the Corona Virus. Please keep in mind this is but a broad, general stroke about a complex issue; one that I hold close to my heart.…

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The Time for You To Thrive Is Now


Anyone else feel as though you’re riding on a roller coaster of stress and emotions?  One day…”I’m good, I got this.” Next day, “holy s**t, what is happening, is this even real right now?”   Speaking of these stressful emotions.  Let’s talk about them for a second. A lot of these emotions can rise up because…

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Finding Beauty in Self-Care During a Pandemic

self care

“Self-care means giving yourself permission to pause.” ~ Cecilia Tran    “By Taking care of myself I have so much more to offer the world than when I am running on empty.” ~ Ali Washington    The outbreak of the coronavirus may be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety can make one feel overwhelmed and…

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