A Therapist’s guide to Choosing Therapy or Medication

Setting Boundaries with Friends & Loved Ones - The Becoming Counseling

I started taking anti-anxiety medication two years ago, but I wish I’d started taking them 10 years ago. You never know what life can be like on the other side of healing, until you’re finally there. Having been trained as a therapist, I knew the criteria for a formal diagnosis of Anxiety with Panic Attacks.…

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Ways to Combat Depression to Live Your Best Life

Mental Health Exercise

Depression can take on many forms and often goes undiagnosed. Living with it can significantly decrease your quality of life. It can make you feel fatigued, drained of hope, and enthusiasm. It can make your relationships and work difficult, and can even affect your health. There are way to combat depression, which we will review…

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The Public Health Problem of Racism

We’ve heard this phrase frequently during this season. Never seen a pandemic of this kind in 100 years. Never seen protests of this size with a variety of races and cultures marching together. On this inaugural episode of The Public Health Problem of Racism we discuss how we got here, what can we do here,…

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