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Parenting Through COVID-19: Your Pandemic Quality of Life Review

Are we having fun yet? There has been plenty of time for you and your family to go through the giddy excitement and confusion of everything shutting down and being FREE! FREE! through the strain and conflict over being productive with everyone crammed in the house to the fear and anger about what our social…
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Mental Health in Teens: Recognizing The Warning Signs

The teenage years are hallmarked by newfound independence and important life changes. While these years are exciting, they can also be full of turmoil. One of the key preventative factors for teenage drug abuse and mental illness is recognizing the warning signs and seeking help when they start to arise. Listed below are things to…
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Parenting Through COVID-19: Screens and Teens

The effects of exposure to video screens on phones, tablets, monitors and televisions has been a topic of study for over two decades now (and even longer when it comes to the effects of TV). The conclusion is not good. And, at the same time, you have nothing to really worry about. Both are true.…
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Parenting through COVID-19: Kids, isolation and social distancing

This virus is creating pandemonium and chaos — in my LIVING ROOM! “What part of ‘You can’t go out’ did you not understand?” “No, you can’t meet up with your friends. We are trying to stop a pandemic here!” (Although according to us, you shouldn’t use the term pandemic to keep from scaring the little…
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Parenting through COVID-19: How to talk to your teenagers about the virus

What about Teens It is much easier to talk to teens about important or difficult topics. While many of the main points are the same, teens will benefit from real explanations and the actual facts. But they are still just teenagers (however infuriatingly smug they are about all the “facts” they have gathered on their…
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The Benefits of Doing Couples Counseling

Can marriage counseling help your marriage? This is a big question among couples struggling with their relationships, and the answer depends on the willingness of the two parties. While family therapy sessions play a vital role in relationships, many people may find it daunting or scary to reveal their relationship details to a stranger. However,…
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