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05 | 1

Understanding Internet Addiction Disorder

Internet Addiction Disorder   In a world dominated by social media posts, drama, and competition, it is no wonder the…

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03 | 9

3 Ways Individual Counseling Can Help Your Marriage

  Even happily married couples can hit obstacles along the way. When this happens, couples can either go it alone…

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03 | 5

Ways that Compassion Can Help You Support a Loved One Suffering from Addiction

  It can often be difficult knowing how to navigate a relationship that is tainted by addiction. Often, loved ones…

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02 | 26

Balance Your Mood With Food: How Good Nutrition Supports Mental Health

  Our brains are magnificent machines: while the brain controls rudimentary yet complex functions like your heartbeat, breathing and motor…

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02 | 22

Dealing With Injuries Mentally and How To Bounce Back

Dealing With Injuries Mentally After sustaining a serious physical injury, most people don’t consider the mental and emotional ramifications of…

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02 | 13

Using Your Faith to Practice Mindful Gratitude

  It’s a familiar memory for a lot of Americans: sitting around the table for Thanksgiving dinner, each person taking…

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