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Understanding Internet Addiction Disorder

Internet Addiction Disorder   In a world dominated by social media posts, drama, and competition, it is no wonder the stress levels of internet users increases more and more each day. There are certainly useful tools and information to be found online and it is unrealistic to think that modern humans can function efficiently without…
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3 Ways Individual Counseling Can Help Your Marriage

  Even happily married couples can hit obstacles along the way. When this happens, couples can either go it alone and try to work through their issues themselves, or they can seek the guidance of a trained and experienced marriage counselor. While some couples feel their problems should be kept private, many more are finding…
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Ways that Compassion Can Help You Support a Loved One Suffering from Addiction

  It can often be difficult knowing how to navigate a relationship that is tainted by addiction. Often, loved ones are told that helping an addict means creating codependency, and that the best thing to do is show some “tough love,” even if that means walking away. But is this really true? Is there a…
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Balance Your Mood With Food: How Good Nutrition Supports Mental Health

  Our brains are magnificent machines: while the brain controls rudimentary yet complex functions like your heartbeat, breathing and motor functions, it also controls a multitude of other complicated tasks such as creating your thoughts and feelings. A machine this advanced, that runs 24/7, clearly requires fuel to run. The fuel you supply to your…
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Dealing With Injuries Mentally and How To Bounce Back

Dealing With Injuries Mentally After sustaining a serious physical injury, most people don’t consider the mental and emotional ramifications of this type of accident. Getting to a hospital and getting immediate medical care is the primary focus, followed by follow-up care and physical recovery. But how does dealing with injuries mentally affect our mental health?…
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Using Your Faith to Practice Mindful Gratitude

  It’s a familiar memory for a lot of Americans: sitting around the table for Thanksgiving dinner, each person taking a moment to mention the things they’re grateful for. Unfortunately, being grateful seems to be something we’re reminded of only once a year on the holiday. When it comes to practicing gratitude, many of us…
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