Cultural Humility: Episode 3 | The Public Health Problem of Racism


Part 3 of our series ‘The Public Health Problem of Racism’ is focused on Cultural Humility.  Therapy is an important piece of mental health care for individuals.  However, for people of color, getting into therapy and getting care that meets their needs is a tougher challenge.  One big piece of this is centered around cultural humility.

Today, with the help of two Black therapists, we will be talking about this topic and how it can help people of color receive the mental health care they need.

Join us as our panelists, Dr. Kizzy Pittrell, EdD, LCPC, Board Approved Supervisor and owner of Ross Counseling LLC, and Janel Cubbage, LCPC.

Director of Suicide Prevention at Maryland Department of Health, share their experiences with our host Brandon Johnson, MHS and tackle questions such as:

What is cultural humility and how does it differ from cultural competency?

We have seen in research that people of color who receive care from another person of color have better outcomes. How does this play out in practice?  How have you been able to better connect with your clients?

How can white therapists seeking to be allies go about learning about cultural humility?  Does anti-racism training factor into this as well?

Stay tuned for Episode 04, which will focus on caring for yourself as a BIPOC individual while also engaging in advocacy work.

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