How to Cope with Feelings of Anger


Anger is a natural feeling and can be constructive or destructive, depending on how and where it is channeled. It becomes a positive feeling if it influences you to resolve issues. But if it leads to physical altercations, violence, or outbursts, it is considered detrimental. Anger management is vital. It protects you from deeds that can cause harm or damage to yourself and others. Here are ways that can help you cope with feelings of anger in a healthier way.

Master Your Thoughts and Emotions

Carefully assess the emotions and ideas lingering in your mind. If they are negative, try to channel your feelings into constructive thoughts. Positive affirmations about yourself can train your mind to transform anger into productive actions. It is hard to fix what you do not understand. Start by mastering your anger, and it will be easy to respond to your feelings more appropriately.

Try to Relax

Relaxing is a useful technique that can help you calm down in instances of anger. Figure out what suits you best and go for it. Whether it is “me time”, a deep breathing exercise, listening to music, or taking a walk will help you relax. Relaxing will help you calm down. 

Do Not Engage

Engaging in a conflicting conversation can trigger your anger. It would be right to refrain from discussions that can cause anger. Failure to engage will not prove that the other person is right but will help you control your emotions. 


A good exercise can shed off the feelings of anger. Engaging in various physical activities helps in resetting your emotions. You can take simple exercises like deep breaths to refocus your thoughts away from the problems facing you. You can do this activity without the help of a professional. 

Preserve Your Emotional Energy

Anger can wear you out. Make sure you deploy your anger into positive change without draining yourself. Ensure you protect your emotional reserves. Continuous confrontations or negative vibes will chip you away. Try to employ strategies that will soothe your rage, like:

  • Taking a walk
    You can walk away from the source of your anger. This will shift your perception and bring some feeling of relief. Physical closeness will provoke you to react against the person behind your rage.
  • Focus on your breath
    Focusing on your breath will calm your anger, especially when you get carried away by someone else’s negativity. Exhaling stress and inhaling calmness is a proven tactic to purify deep pains of anger.

Set Boundaries

You can choose to entertain or keep off negative vibes. Sticking around people who get onto your nerves can have adverse effects on your emotions. Learn how to turn down detrimental discussions or individuals. 

Vent On a Friend

Sometimes you need to let out your anger feelings. Talking to a close colleague or family member can help you calm down. Find that one person who would listen and validate your anger. Validation can help you understand your emotions and figure out the right way to appropriately manage your current situation.

Learn How to Express Your Emotions

Sometimes anger can be constructive, but you should learn how to express your emotions calmly without hurting other individuals’ feelings. Ensure you are in control when participating in a difficult conversation that would probably annoy you. Prepare in advance on how to voice your views in a composed and assertive way. This will keep you focused during your discussions. 

Look For Help

The Becoming Counseling is a great resource for those seeking help in dealing with their emotions, marriage, addiction and more. Give us a call today to learn more about how The Becoming can help you gain control of your life. 

Wes Cain, LPCA, NCC, IHC



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