Group Therapy

Group Therapy

The idea of group therapy can be intimidating. After all, being vulnerable in the presence of others can seem counterintuitive.

We’ve all been burned before and have built a series of mental walls that we think protect us from getting hurt. But group therapy is a highly beneficial practice that offers insights into your own struggles through meaningful bonds and shared experiences. Group therapy sessions consist of a small group of people meeting with a trained therapist that moderates a discussion about mutual struggles. Addiction, depression, anxiety, anger management, grief, childhood trauma, or an eating disorder are just a handful of examples that can be the subject of a group therapy session. These struggles are viewed in the context of feelings, behaviors, and experiences.

Take heart.

It's never too late to change.

Sharing can be healing. Having a safe space to connect with other people about the ways they struggle is one of the most powerful benefits of group therapy. Hearing different points of view and coping strategies goes a long way in empowering an individual to better understand and improve upon their own difficulties. People choose to attend group therapy sessions for a variety of reasons. The group format provides a unique opportunity to confide personal stories and insights while simultaneously allowing others to do the same. Engaging in this activity promotes social skills, empathy, and understanding in a space where one can learn about themselves through the lens of others. Discover a deeper sense of wellbeing with group therapy. It’s never too late to become who you want to be.

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