Help the Helper

Growing stronger practices by growing stronger bonds

Help the Helper

Growing stronger practices by growing stronger bonds

Helping the Helper

The Becoming Counseling would be nothing without our great team of counselors and therapists helping those in need. To that end, caring and providing for our team is a core ethos and paramount to our success.


Build Your Private Practice

Grow your practice with the help of The Becoming. In our markets, we have a strong foothold and are able to help our therapists grow their practices through deep industry connections, marketing, and website support. Take the step in growing your practice to the next level with The Becoming


Be a Therapist...All the Time

Being a mental health professional is rewarding but also tough. The Becoming helps empower our therapists by offering full service support of their practice. From billing, back office administration, scheduling technology and more, we allow you to focus on being a therapist while we run the business.


Community Support

Culture is something that we work on everyday. Through group sessions and company gatherings, we extend a familial network of support to our team. Case consultations and a caring culture offer each team member the comfort and safety to practice self care and grow as a person as well as in their profession.

Health is a state of body.
Wellness is a state of being.

- J. Stanford