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Life can be hard and sometimes it’s difficult to understand what we can do about it. Through our Clinical Assessment Services, with the guidance of a licensed professional, you are taking a courageous step into discovering your needs and adding tools to help you thrive.


Our Clinical Assessments and Psychiatric Evaluations help to provide you with a clinical perspective of your needs and a roadmap to your success. We provide you with a comprehensive set of mental health screening tools and perform a diagnostic interview to better understand a holistic and clinical perspective of ways we can help you. From there we provide you with a written report of our findings, as well as our clinical recommendations, then if needed connect you with licensed professionals that are the right fit for you.

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Following our initial comprehensive clinical assessment, evaluation, and recommendations, sometimes treatment may warrant additional clinical solutions, such as medication. If needed, we also provide medication management services to those that may need a little extra help in managing their treatment needs. We have Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners on staff that provide you with a safe and trusted provider for your medication needs while working hand in hand with your licensed professional counselor.


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