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Whether you and your partner have been together for 6 months or sixty years, are married or dating, the communication and compromise required by a healthy and lasting relationship demands continuous refinement.

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Successfully navigating the complexities of an intimate relationship can be difficult. The decision to go to couples counseling can cause a surprising amount of stress and anxiety. Admitting that things aren’t perfect in your relationship is scary and difficult, not to mention it can be a lot of emotional work. To some, going to couples therapy feels like the first steps towards a break up, but this is far from true. In reality, couples counseling can renew a sense of love and appreciation.

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Our approach towards couples therapy is designed to uncover and address the core problems in the relationship. Every relationship is different. Therefore, successful therapy requires a unique approach for each couple. Regardless of the particulars, successful couples counseling requires open communication. We aim to facilitate open communication in a safe, meaningful, and constructive way. The goal of couples counseling is to discover the roots of the problem, and create a nurturing plan to establish a more healthy mode of being. Couples counseling can be transformative and liberating - creating a deeper level of love, trust, and understanding. Whether your goals are to remove unhealthy communication barriers or to recover from the ravages of infidelity or addiction, we’re here to help. Discover a deeper connection to your significant other with couples counseling.


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