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The idea of group therapy can be intimidating. After all, being vulnerable in the presence of others can seem counterintuitive.

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Group therapy is a highly beneficial practice that offers insights into your own struggles through meaningful bonds and shared experiences. Group therapy sessions consist of a small group of people meeting with a trained therapist that moderates a discussion about mutual struggles.

Sharing can be healing.

Having a safe space to connect with other people about the ways they struggle is one of the most powerful agents of change.

Anxiety, stress, pregnancy, parenting, men's issues, athlete performance, support for members of the queer community, burnout support for front line workers and helping professionals, wellness, and more are just a handful of examples that can be the subject of a group therapy experience. Groups can be “closed” or “open”. Open groups consist of weekly support where anyone interested in the topic can come and go week by week and receive support. Closed groups are usually 6-8 weeks and the skills and information you learn builds on itself each week.

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Our Group Therapy Services

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Newly Parenting

Led by Chelsea Nixon, LMSW, Doula

Newly Parenting is a support and psychoeducational group for individuals or couples who are pregnant or parenting young children and feel they could benefit from a confidential space to discuss the challenges and struggles that come with raising or preparing to raise children during this uncertain time. This group is led by Chelsea Nixon, LMSW, a licensed therapist and doula with specialized training in addressing issues in pregnancy and early parenting. This closed group will provide participants with education and strategies over 8 weeks to help understand and manage a range of uncomfortable emotions that are commonly experienced in the postpartum period and beyond. Insurance is accepted for group therapy services.

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Lambda Refuge
A safe, sober environment for gay men to come together, share and grow.

Led by Garrette Debord, LPC, LADAC II

The Lambda Refuge Group is intended to be a process/encounter group, providing an outlet for participants to explore issues such as daily living as a sober gay man, complex trauma, shame/guilt, and fears/concerns of living in current cultural environment. Lambda Refuge is an open group offering weekly support for gay men.

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Helping Professional’s Support Group

Led by Chelsea Nixon, LMSW

This Helping Professional’s Support group is an open, non-judgmental space, facilitated by a licensed therapist, for helping professionals of all kinds to process the unique challenges the profession can pose emotionally, on-the-job, and in their personal lives. This is an open group offering weekly support for professional helpers and frontline workers including: mental health professionals/therapists, peer advocates, nurses, professional aides or caretakers, teachers, EMT/first responders, life coaches, and ministry workers. Participants can expect to be welcomed each week to process issues encountered in helping work such as burnout, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma/secondary traumatization, work-life balance struggles, self-care, and anxiety

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Professional Athlete Support

Athletes are pressured to perform from a very young age, making them susceptible to developing mental and emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, or even in some cases, bipolar disorder or substance abuse. In the case of substance abuse, by acknowledging the root cause, we can treat it simultaneously as the substance abuse habit, giving the patient a higher chance of achieving long-term sobriety and preventing relapse. In the Professional Athlete Support Group we’ve developed an integrative group that involves a mix of evidence-based treatments to work with athletes. We assess our participants in order to ensure we address individual as well as the co-occurring needs of the athlete. This is a closed 6-week group is designed for current and former male athletes, ages 21 and over.

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Our Group Therapy Services

The Becoming: Counseling & Wellness, PLLC has several group therapy and support group offerings that provide a safe space to process topics ranging from anxiety, stress, pregnancy and parenting, men's issues, athlete performance and stressors impacting athletes, support for members of the queer community, support for front line workers and helping professionals, wellness support, and more.

To find out more about our current group offerings or to sign up please complete the form below, or contact us at 615-544-6600, or and our Client Coordinators will tailor match you with the group best suited for your needs.

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