Christina Napolitano

Christina Napolitano, LCSW


My name is Christina Napolitano and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at bareWell, a group therapy practice located in San Diego, California. As a therapist, I work with adults and teens at every stage of life. Whether you are struggling with everyday stressors, conflict in your relationships or are in need of healing from trauma I will provide a safe, compassionate, nonjudgmental space for you to begin your healing journey. Together we will look inside and explore areas of your life to gain a better understanding, so you can begin to shift the way you see yourself, your experiences, and the world you live in. It can be challenging to step outside and see things from a different perspective. My role is to help you process, foster insight, and understand the “whys” fueling your feelings, thoughts and behaviors. This is where we will plant the seed of change you seek in your life.

As humans, we need connection with others because we are not meant to walk this earth alone. The relationships with ourselves and others are complex and challenging at times. As Brené Brown says “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” By being vulnerable with ourselves and those in our lives, we invite the true connection, depth, and healing we have been longing for. If you are someone who has experienced any form of trauma, big or small, we will work together to process and move forward, while understanding you are not defined by what happened to you.

I tailor treatment by utilizing elements of different modalities to adapt to the therapeutic needs and goals of each individual in a holistic and trauma-informed approach. My goal is to provide you with support, tools, and insight while also empowering you to find your voice and “trust your gut,” so you can live your most authentic and fulfilling life.

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