Cindy Slover, LADAC II, LPC-MHSP

Cindy Slover


Making the choice to see a therapist is the first and often the scariest step on your journey to emotional wellness. It was for me. Through my personal journey, I learned that our thoughts and emotions can dictate our behaviors and not always for the better. Fortunately, my first step led me to my goal of a more balanced and fulfilling life. I would like to help you achieve your goals by offering a safe, accepting and confidential environment where you can develop the tools to navigate your life’s difficult times.

I am trained in several therapy modalities; however, I prefer a person-centered approach to help my clients work through the addiction cycle, grief, depression, anxiety or trauma. By centering on my client, trust and understanding develop and enhance the therapeutic relationship. I will support and empower you to make the changes you desire in your life.