Danny J. Pueblos, PsyD, CMPC, PES

Danny J. Pueblos, PsyD, CMPC, PES

Certified Mental Performance Consultant®

Dr. Danny Pueblos brings a unique perspective on sports and performance, as he has experience as an athlete, coach, and now as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. This has given him the nickname “Dr. Coach” by his clients and peers.

Dr. Pueblos has several years of experience helping athletes at all levels and sports strengthen their mental game. He has also served athletes’ families, coaches, military and veteran personnel, musicians, entertainers, businesses, and the general population, helping them achieve peak mental performance in not only their craft but in life as well.

In addition to providing mental performance training to his clients, he also currently serves as the Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach for the Orange Coast College Women's Basketball Team and a professor of Psychology and Sport Psychology at various colleges and universities throughout Southern California.

As a former athlete and current coach of many years, he understands the rigors that athletes and performers go through during training and competition. This is why he also places a focus in helping athletes and their families deal with mental health challenges, especially during transitional periods where their mental and emotional state is being challenged. Dr. Pueblos' successful experience providing mental performance training to elite athletes and performers has allowed him to see the different challenges that arise through mental and physical performance, and he has seen many of his clients take their talents to the next level.

​Dr. Pueblos holds a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree from the University of Arizona Global Campus, Master of Arts in Sport-Exercise Psychology from Argosy University, and Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Irvine.