Lauren Stout LCSW

Lauren Stout, LCSW


I am a licensed clinical social worker licensed in California and Alabama with over 8 years of experience working as a therapist and case manager. I have worked with clients with a wide range of concerns including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting problems, career challenges, and OCD. I also helped many people who have experienced physical trauma or emotional abuse. No matter your concern, I’m glad you’re looking into therapy. Therapy can help us navigate this thing we call life .

Like you, I have many different roles in life. We may even have some in common. Some roles I fit into seamlessly and some I’m still navigating. Maybe you can relate, but no matter what’s going on I’m here to listen and help you navigate. I’m a therapist that believes in creating a warm, safe, and non-judgmental space to work alongside you to address your specific concerns. After all, you’re the expert on your life, experiences, and emotions. I wholeheartedly believe in empowerment. Whether you know it or not you have power and all the power you need to live the life you desire.

You’ve already taken the first step toward making a change. So, let me partner with you to work toward a more fulfilling and joyous life.

I look forward to working with you!