Dr. Meeta Singh, MD

Dr. Meeta Singh, MD

Board Certified Physician & Psychiatrist / Sleep Coach

Dr. Meeta Singh is a board-certified physician and psychiatrist concentrated in the applied science of sleep. Her evidence-based approach integrates individualized medical, psychiatric, and behavioral diagnosis and coaching to improve client’s sleep health for their optimized physical and mental performance and enhanced health and quality of life.

Dr. Singh’s deep expertise in sleep disorders diagnosis and treatment was forged in a Psychiatry residency training at the Mayo Clinic and with a fellowship in Sleep Medicine at the Henry Ford Sleep Center, where Dr. Singh practiced and served as Chief of Service for 15 years. Today, Dr. Singh combines this expertise with extensive real-world experience working with world-class performance organizations to produce Integrated Sleep Optimization Programs tailored to the unique needs and conditions of individual clients to help them optimize their personal and professional performance.

Dr. Singh has served as a consultant for multiple NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, Olympic, and college sports teams, as well as large organizations, CEOs, and C-suite executives, all seeking to optimize their competitive performance. Dr. Singh serves clients with individualized programs that cut through the hype and disinformation about sleep to provide evidence-based guidance to getting the sleep needed to maximize their performance. Her unique understanding of the high-pressure world of competitive athletes serves to build a sturdy foundation to her successful practice.

  • Board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology under the American Board of Medical Specialties as a Psychiatrist and as a Sleep Medicine Subspecialist
  • Member in good standing of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • Service Chief of Sleep Medicine, and Section Head and Medical Director at the Henry Ford Sleep Center in Detroit, Michigan (until July 2021)
  • MD, Sleep Medicine Fellowship at the Henry Ford Health System
  • MD, Psychiatry Residency at the Mayo Clinic