Misty Buck,coach

Misty Buck


Based in Miami, Misty Buck is the author of the “Athlete Mental Health Playbook,” an athlete mental health coach, and an entrepreneur for over 10 years. Growing up around sports, Misty learned the value of “mental toughness.” Don’t cry. Don’t be a baby. Don’t be weak. Walk it off. However, as a shy and emotional kid, Misty had extreme difficulty in dealing with various painful and traumatic events that occurred during her childhood and into her twenties. Her internal struggle with mental health eventually exploded, and she soon realized that her emotions were real no matter how much shame she felt for feeling them, or how hard she tried to walk it off. However, Misty also recognized that she could dig into her competitive athletic spirit to face her mental health struggles head-on through honesty, humility, and grit. She learned how to use a holistic mind, body, and soul approach to healing and daily living to cultivate inner peace and clarity. As a Coach, Misty has a passion for guiding athletes to enjoy the inner stillness and transformational clarity through a holistic approach. She focuses on four key areas including developing trust to let go of anything that doesn't serve you; the confidence to listen to your instinct; permission to acknowledge and share your feelings, and the resiliency to navigate difficulties.

In 2008, at 26-years-old, Misty opened her first business—a social media and digital marketing agency—which she still owns today. In 2015 she went on to pursue her passion for coaching when she became certified as Professional Life Coach (CPC) and Spiritual Life Coach (CSC) through the World Coach Institute. In 2020, Misty published the “Athlete Mental Health Playbook.” In addition to her coaching credentials, Misty also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication (Public Relations) and English (Creative Writing) from Florida State University.