Dr. Richard Griff

Dr. Richard Griff, PsyD, MA, MF

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Griff is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a specialization in Sports Psychology as well as an additional specialization in Trauma. Dr. Griff's experience in sports psychology includes work with both professional and minor league athletes and youths in multiple sports including football, hockey, and boxing. In addition to performance enhancement, Dr. Griff assists athletes with anger management and related behavioral problems. He also works with all types of first responders ranging from military to law enforcement to front line emergency medical personnel.

Dr. Griff has a vast diversity of experiences being a professional trainer and assistant promoter for champion boxers and working with the United Nations in providing crisis psychological services in Haiti. He is on the United States Olympic Center Mental Health Registry. He was a former Division I-AA football player. His professional experience includes being a former special education teacher for Miami-Dade Public Schools and a former therapist for the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. Dr. Griff is also a volunteer Coast Guard Auxiliary member.

Services offered by Dr. Griff includes: Peak performance and Mental Training; Team Building; Impulse Control Training; Anger Management; Trauma Therapy; and Substance Abuse Counseling. He is the creator and developer of the ITEAM method. Psychological evaluations include Fitness for Duty Evaluations, intelligence and achievement testing, and personality evaluations.