Robyn Reddell

Robyn Reddell, LCSW


Hi, I'm Robyn and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Director of Clinical Operations at bareWell, a group therapy practice located in San Diego, California. I work with adults who experience a wide range of challenges, including healing from trauma, processing grief and loss, navigating everyday stressors, and interpersonal issues. I utilize an integrative and individualized approach to help you unlock your ability to connect with and truly know yourself and others. Healthy connection and an understanding of one’s self can vastly shift perspective and I love helping people find their way there.

We all have the strengths and resources within ourselves to navigate life and achieve our goals. It can be especially difficult to identify and access these skills during challenging times. Many people find it easier to identify their weaknesses and shortcomings, which can quickly become overwhelming. With a strengths-based approach, we work together to identify your internal strengths and resources, together we will shift your mindset so you can build on those strengths. As a result, we can improve your resilience and build confidence in your ability to overcome future challenges.

It takes great courage and vulnerability to open up to someone about the challenges you have experienced. I place great emphasis on the therapeutic relationship as the foundation of my work with you. Building a strong therapeutic relationship is like laying the foundation of a home, one that is safe, stable, and secure. You can trust that our relationship will be one that is judgment-free; a place where you will feel supported to face your challenges and where you can feel safe to be your authentic self.

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