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Nashville Recovery Center is a recovery community offering clinical sessions, 12-step meetings, wellness classes, and other services dedicated to a life of recovery.

Transcript from the video:

Carol: [Today we are] meeting up with Ryan Cain. We are talking about all the amazing services from Nashville Recovery Center. But there’s so much more that they have to offer really to everyone.

Hi Ryan.

Ryan: Hey Carol, Good Morning.

Carol: So I read something that 1 in every 6 people have sought counseling services within the past year because of the season that we have just been living in.

Ryan: Yeah, it’s been a huge uptick in people seeking mental health services just because of the emotional toll from this pandemic.

Carol: So let’s talk about the services you guys offer. Of course Nashville Recovery Center has tremendous [services]… from inpatient to events…[it’s] just incredible the services you offer to those who are suffering with addiction. But the mental health, the emotional sides of things, you guys have a resource it’s called The Becoming Counseling.

Ryan: Yes, so we have a group that is made of about 25 to 30 licensed therapists here in west Nashville. It’s actually located in Sylvan park, and they specialize in a variety of treatment modalities for people suffering from different mental health or emotional health issues.

Carol: Talk about how that works. How does someone get started? Because you know it’s taking that step. We’ve talked about it on other areas, more on the recovery side of things, but it’s still a big step to say, ‘you know what, I need someone to help me navigate these waters.’

Ryan: Yea the first thing I would think that most people do would be asking themselves, ‘Am I suffering emotionally [or] mentally? Am I having trouble sleeping? Am I not eating the same way I used to? Am I not exercising?’ And then we can start looking at name calling those things- is it anxiety? Is it depression? The stress that we all have with work and school and juggling these quarantines and things that change on a dime, we have a lot of trouble knowing when it’s time to take action. And talk therapy is really what we’re talking about here with The Becoming. It’s a simple phone call to the admissions department, and we would basically assign you a therapist that would be a good fit for whatever it is you might be suffering from. And it’s dependent on age, gender, and the potential mental health or emotional health condition.

Carol: So that’s interesting. So you place the call, you make that step, and then they can kind of assess what direction to place you in. It’s not like when I’m usually trying to pick a physician, and I’m just looking at their picture saying, ‘well they look nice.’

Ryan: Exactly, and that’s the advantage of our group practice, so it’s not an individual therapy practice. You know we have such a wide variety of specialties, and we have people that focus on trauma, or people that focus on eating disorders, or substance use, or anxiety, or depression. And each of those therapists have different treatment modalities, so some do things like EMDR, or experiential therapy, or just traditional stress reducing type therapy.

Carol: I also think about this with the weight of parents, I guess because this is my wheelhouse… of virtually schooling and trying not to…we’re just like, ‘can we get through this without messing up the rest of the family?’ I assume there’s a lot of counselors to help with that as well?

Ryan: Oh yeah, so a lot of our counselors are licensed marriage and family therapists, and that is a huge thing we deal with. And sometimes it’s just one parent that wants individual therapy; sometimes we do both parents in couples therapy, or we’ll do even family sessions with the whole tribe. We do groups,[ so] it could sometimes be parents joining other parents in a group setting to talk about common issues.

Carol: Wow that sounds like I could actually have a moms night with a therapist! I’ve got a lot of moms that are ready to get together and do this.

Ok guys the place to go is the website-The Becoming Counseling. Go check them out. Get the care you need. We always talk about self-care but self-care comes with some guidance there…getting a therapist. Thank you so much, Ryan.

Ryan: Thank you, Carol.

Carol: You’re watching Today in Nashville.

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