08 | 17

The Public Health Problem of Racism

Mental Health

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Patience Ruffin

We’ve heard this phrase frequently during this season. Never seen a pandemic of this kind in 100 years. Never seen protests of this size with a variety of races and cultures marching together.

On this inaugural episode of The Public Health Problem of Racism we discuss how we got here, what can we do here, and how can we keep moving forward. Featuring special guests Dr. Patience Ruffin, EdD, LPC-MHSP,NCC and Karen Powdrill, MA, LCPC, LPC, who are behavioral health therapists, and Brandon Johnson, MHS; a public health professional. This episode covers the basics from microaggressions vs. macroaggressions, who can be an ally, and ways we can cultivate a lasting change of anti-racism.

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