The Time for You To Thrive Is Now


Anyone else feel as though you’re riding on a roller coaster of stress and emotions?  One day…”I’m good, I got this.” Next day, “holy s**t, what is happening, is this even real right now?”  

Speaking of these stressful emotions.  Let’s talk about them for a second.

A lot of these emotions can rise up because we are very literally facing the unknown.  We really don’t know what’s going to happen in the near future. This can cause a lot of stress and our reaction can be one of attempting to control the situation which in turn stresses us out because we in fact, have absolutely no control over this (outside world).

Most of us are living in a “survival mode” or sympathetic dominant state most of our days already.  Back in early human time, this was a good thing, it was adaptive and helped us to stay alive. However, these days it has become chronic and we practically embrace this way of being.  Now add on everything that we’ve been experiencing and……YIKES! You get the picture. 

When we are living in this state of chronic stress, our entire focus shifts to the outer world around us.   We are on high alert with all of our senses and we are ready to REACT. Hormones like adrenaline and cortisol take over and begin running through our body.  We stay in this high alert state even once the perceived “threat” is over and we do not return to balance like we once did long ago. 

Here is what happens:


  • The healthy expression of our genes is suppressed (think epigenetics)
  • We develop a weakened Immune System
  • Our blood sugar rises
  • Digestion slows down potentially causing malabsorption of nutrients and imbalances in the gut
  • Our blood pressure rises
  • We can become addicted to these emotions of stress and anxiety


All of these dynamics can begin the downstream effect of dis-ease before your doctor will every fully diagnose you with a DISEASE.  

I’m not saying this to scare you.  I’m saying this because it is in this space of the unknown where real shifts, possibilities, opportunities and a NEW WAY OF BEING actually lies, and we have a choice.

It’s time to begin shifting out of what we cannot control (the outer world) and the fear that can come with it, and stepping into what we can control (our inner world and reactions) to a place of empowerment. 

Focus on what you can control:   


Now is the time to be breaking bad habits and not creating new ones.  I know, it’s tough and I believe in being “in” your emotions for a while, but then let’s get out of them and focus on what we can control to make ourselves happy and most importantly HEALTHY.  


Here are some things you can control:


    1. Your health and wellness.  What you choose to eat and the exercise you do or do not do on a daily basic
    2. Your mindset and your thoughts
    3. What you read, watch, and follow
    4. Who you connect with and talk to on a daily basis
    5. Stress or gratitude! Your choice. 

Are there better food choices you can be making?  What about supplements? Do you know what it takes to help your immune system thrive despite a virus lurking?  Is there a meditation practice you’ve wanted to start?

Take action in your health, mind, body and in your life.  Now is the time. This is something you have control over.  

Are you ready to be educated, inspired, and empowered in any area of your life but not sure where to begin? Reach out to one of our amazing counselors or schedule a wellness checkup with me.  Overwhelm is a choice. We are here and we want to help you get through this. You don’t have to do it alone.  

In fact, as someone who is nearing the 2 year sober mark, I know I would not be where I am today (in this quarantine) without the support of my own coach and groups I am a part of.  It’s going to be ok.  We are going to be ok.  You are going to be ok. 

I want to leave you with one question you can ask yourself: 

WHAT IS THIS PANDEMIC GOING TO BE THE BEGINNING OF FOR YOU?  This can be an opportunity for you. It really can. So what are you going to do about it and what is it going to be?

We will all get through this. TOGETHER. So remember, this is a time to slow down, to breathe, to go inward, and to remember what is truly important in life; and YOU my friends, YOU are just as important as you make everyone else.   

The time for you to thrive is now.  

Jamie Carroll is Certified Health & Life Coach and Reiki 2 Practitioner.   She specializes in working with people who struggle with anxiety, depression, and addiction using a Functional & Integrative approach through real food, supplements, and functional blood lab analysis. 

For more information on how to connect with our services or me personally please visit or email me at

Wes Cain, LPCA, NCC, IHC



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