[Video] Self Care Tools to Support your Mental Health During the Holidays

Self-Care Tools for Mental Health

Transcript from the video:

Hi, I’m Carrie Fraser, and I’m the clinical and spiritual director for The Becoming Counseling & Wellness. I’m a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and I’m also a spiritual director.

I want to spend some time today talking about self-care tools that people can use as we move into this holiday season. We are all feeling the fatigue of this past year. We have been experiencing a way of life that is very different with COVID-19. And so, part of that is looking at how do we want to move into the holidays that practices self-care, where we can take care of ourselves, nurture ourselves?

One of those ways, we can look at what are some rituals that we could have in our life as we move into the holidays? What are some things that we can do different this year, or bring some ritual into our lives that have had meaning for us in the past, that can help us take care of ourselves, and connect us with other people?

There’s also practices that we can do on our own as we are more limited in our gatherings with other people. It may be starting a journal. Spending some time journaling your thoughts and feelings. Maybe even writing out what dreams you’re having. Could be setting up a prayer or meditation practice. Maybe having a yoga practice at home. Things that take care of the soul and the spirit and your body. And at the same time, being able to make connections with other people.

If that is having Zoom calls or gatherings with friends that way. Being able to make sure that you’re staying connected. If you need to talk to a therapist, making that a priority to make that connection. Talking to a spiritual director or someone in your life that you can share what it feels like to be living in these times.

But also finding that hope as we move into this holiday time of what is positive in my life, what is hopeful in the world, and being able to share that with another person.

At The Becoming Counseling & Wellness, we are here to help you on this journey. If you are looking to meet with someone in person or with telehealth, we have therapists available. If you are looking for someone to help you move through these holidays, we are here, and we are available. So, please call us at 615-544-6600, and our client coordinator would be happy to set you up with one of our therapists who can be with you on this journey.

Wes Cain, LPCA, NCC, IHC



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