[Video] Telehealth Counseling Services For Mental Health

Benefits of Telehealth for Counseling During A Pandemic

Transcript from the video:

Hello, I am Dr. Patience Ruffin. I am a therapist at The Becoming. Today, we are going to be talking to you about the benefits of utilizing telehealth services for your mental health needs. The beauty of telehealth services is literally you have counseling services in the palm of your hands.

You can use your smartphone, your tablet, your desktop, or your laptop to receive counseling services. You can do counseling from the privacy of your own home while you’re on your lunch break and even while you’re in your car. You can be connected to a therapist by utilizing a HIPAA compliant, private link that will be provided to you by your therapist. In utilizing this link, you receive it via email and once you click on it, you are automatically connected to your therapist.

And through that, you are able to receive the quality counseling services that you need to help you through whatever it is that you are dealing with at that moment. Now that you know the benefits of telehealth services, please call 615-544-6600 to speak with a client coordinator who will tailor match you to the right therapist.

Wes Cain, LPCA, NCC, IHC



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